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Happy Father’s Day to All!

15 Jun


Having children is a blessing.




— errolsfan1130


What Prominent Musical Group?

12 Jun

What Prominent Musical Group Got it’s Name from Something Prominenty Connected to Errol Flynn?



— Tim


Where the Boy Was

11 Jun

Photos taken this morning where Sean had his first movie role.

And a couple of images from a quarter mile away, approximately where Errol used to leave from on fishing trips in the 30s & 40s, now the location of the (Swimming) Hall of Fame Marina:






One I didn’t take:



One I took yesterday (June11) of Palm Beach – overlooking the area where Sean & Lily lived.



— Tim


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Not Fair Jack!

11 Jun

I don’t think its fair that you live in California and was able to visit his estate and grab that brick all the while I am stuck here in Michigan. Not fair at all buddy.

This item was already painted when it was purchased at a hobby shop and it varies with the paint job only from what I can see. I have to be careful with the sword as it is lead and bends easy. Sounds like the same time frame back in the 70’s.


— twinarchers


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How to be (Th)In Like Flynn

11 Jun



— Tim


The Fleet Arrives – In From Flynn’s

10 Jun

(Story Published Today)……




— Tim


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Very Rare Booty!

10 Jun

Jack Marino writes to us in the EFB Mailbag:


I saw Rare Booty on your blog, what is very rare is that the brick from the corner of Errol’s fireplace at Mulholland is under this figure. I took it from the floor after the house was torn down.

I bought this figure in 1973 painted, it was lead and they made a pewter one which my friend Steve has who was with me the day the Mulholland house was demolished.

Best, Jack




— David DeWitt


Errol Flynn Sketch

07 Jun

I would like to share this pencil sketch I have done, it is taken from “The Private Lives of Elizabeth &Essex”.  I hope you all like it.


— daringthorpe


Swashbuckler 2nd in command

07 Jun

granger life

My dear fellow Flynn fans,

though Stewart Granger and Errol Flynn never crossed swords on the screen, they more often than once were wandering on parallel paths. It was Errol`s decision to star in Kipling`s “Kim” instead of donning khakis in “King Solomon`s Mines” that initiated Granger`s Hollywood career. “Kim” showed Flynn redbearded with a shaven head in an India advertisement/Holy man`s quest/child prodigy buddy movie with anticlimactic ending. At a crucial time this film failed Flynn in his claim of the swashbuckler`s throne. Meanwhile Granger looked ravashingly dashing as African adventurer Allan Quatermain wearing that safari hat with leopard band which made his a household name. The gentlemanly Englishman followed up with eternal movie gems like “Scaramouche” and “The prisoner of Zenda”, entrusted with lead roles that only a few years prior would have instantly gone to Flynn. When Granger went up to Flynn at a party to thank him for his ill advised “Kim” career choice, a smiling Flynn stopped him in his tracks saying: “Don`t rub it in.” From that moment on Errol referred to Granger as “The One”. He had set his sight on Europe`s movie market as an independant producer and literally passed the torch to Granger. Ironically Hollywood had placed its cloak and dagger in the hands of a man equally troubled with health problems. Granger had been released from military service in WWII because of intestinal afflictions. And he too tried make up for that personal letdown, embracing the rather risky lifestyle of a big game hunter.

Granger remembered seeing Flynn for the very first time at the film festival in Cannes in 1948:

“The word was out that Flynn`s boat, the famous black shooner “Zaca” was arriving in port . The crowd was hoping to catch a glimpse of him. Me included. I was a British star, but we didn`t mean the same as a “Hollywood star”. I was fighting to get a good look at my hero (I had seen “Captain Blood” four times at first release and 20 times later on in life) when he came off the boat. He was immaculate in white with a lady on either arm. A white Cadillac was drawn up waiting for him as he stepped onto the dock. The crowds cheered-held back by the gendarmes- Flynn smiled, waved and the car drove off. I will never forget that moment. That was my idea of a movie star!”

Incidentally their grassroots went even further back to the Malvern Theater Festival of 1934, where Granger`s first wife Elspeth March (they met a year later) was playing the lead role and Errol appeared as spear carrier (!). He had his mind made up by then and told her: “I promise you that within a year I shall be in Hollywood and marry a film star. ” When Granger investigated how far their friendship had evolved, Elspeth told that she only had been taught to play poker by the aspiring actor- groom.

During his assignment to Africa, Granger offered his London apartment complete with Hungarian house maid and wine cellar to his friend, Commander Kehoe. He couldn`t possibly have known that Kenoe would invite a certain Freddy McEvoy for dinner and that Errol would tag along. After a whole week of fun and games the maid was gone. She was shocked by the coming and going of a parade of very young girls. Needless to say that the wine was gone too. Errol made good later on and invited Granger and his second wife Jean Simmons to his house on Mullhollland Drive complete with two way mirror tour de luxe..

Stewart Granger cherished Errol`s wicked sense of humor. When teasing him on his fencing abilties, the following verbal exchange ensued.

“You know I`m a better swordsman than you.”

Reply Errol:

“I know, but I have better hips…”



— shangheinz


Wo Errol Flynn Fechten Lehrte

06 Jun

Calling All German-English Translators!…

— Tim


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