Now That Dress Down Day is Over – It’s Dress UP Day!

17 Jun

Now That Dress Down Day is Over,  It’s  Dress Up Day – Starring Errol’s Girl.  As Always, All Invited & Encouraged to Participate!

How About Maid Marion?  Ain’t She Sweet!   See How She Dressed Up … For Our Guy Errol  (As Opposed to That Other Guy – of Gisbourne)

Which of Her Outfits were Your Favorites? Which Do You Think Errol Liked Best?…



10. Errol and Olivia "Robin Hood" 1938



— Gentleman Tim


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Well for me the dress in the first photo is the most beautiful
and I am sure Mr Flynn liked it too. The cut and style of this dress suited Olivia so well. The fact that this dress is nightwear would also have appealed to Mr Flynn.

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My favourite is her pretty pink & red outfit.

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But yes I agree that Errol’s favourite probably was the nightie and long plaits look.

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I like this one best!

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And – I like this one too!

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I really liked all her costumes, except this one!

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My second picture did not appear and there is no edit function – mmh! I wonder why?
But here it is! Hopefully it will work!

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I like the 1st one as well – beautiful. I think it shows Olivia off to the best advantage. I understood that she had some input into her costumes – is that true?

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I have been curious as to whether Errol had visited any parts of Canada other than Toronto (for Front Page Challenge Show) and the ill fated trip to Vancouver. I did find the following in my search. This was an article about a lady who met Errol at Northampton and I hope it is Ok to post the information. The Ottawa Little Theatre was a mainstay in years gone by and the lady’s name was Florence Fancott. “As she grew older, she went on to work for the North Hampton Repertory Theatre. There, she worked with the likes of the… Read more »

Thank you very much! I would think that anyone that young would think anyone else past 20 would be “older”!
There was a book written quite a while ago regarding the Front Page Challenge Show (a very popular show in Canada) and describes Errol’s visit to the studio. Perhaps you are already aware?

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