Rare picture

21 Aug

I was actually looking for photos from “Rescued”, and accidentally found this:

— Inga


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Great picture. One can see that there was great passion between them. It’s unfortunate how Flynn’s progeny ended up though. And I am going to say it one more time (in anticipation of what some others might say); the only one responsible for Flynn’s ruin was Flynn. Or is he another victim of fame?–A. R.

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Both, I would say… I don’t know if this saying is well known in English, but we say that Every Man is the Artisan of his Own Fortune.

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Very Interesting! No i don’t believe that saying is that well known in English. It is definitely food for thought.–A. R.

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Hi Inga; I never heard your version of this saying, the one I always heard was “jeder ist seines Glückes Schmied “, but it has the same meaning. Maybe it come from a poem by A. Mayer, I don’t know, but the poem is this one, maybe you could translate it as it is quite fitting in a way to Errol. Der Unterschied Die Glocke schlägt zum letzten Mal, man hört ein leises Weinen. Gesichter, sie sind blass und fahl, ein letzter Gruß der Seinen. Warum hat er den Schritt gemacht, er war doch glücklich wie es schien. Doch der,… Read more »

Dear Tina, I was looking for a translation of “Jeder ist seines Glückes Schmied” and found several versions, so I chose one which seemed closest. I will try to translate your wonderful poem once I have a little time, ok? Take care, dearest!!

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Hi A.R.; Apparently Errol suffered very badly from depression, one could say despair was his middle name and therefore I would say that the drugs helped him to function. In addition, Errol had in inferiority complex afflicted onto him in childhood. Then from nothing to Super Star a mega transformation to deal with for an emotional scared person. Mix this all together and one would get a cocktail of suicidal self-destruction. Without professional help, which was in those days still in kinder-shoes what can one expect. But he was always was most loveable and to this day. Just my little… Read more »


Very rare indeed! I never saw this one! They were so young
and beautiful! As for A.R.’s comment I agree and Errol knew

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Hi Inga; Today I have taken out for myself and I thought I am going to take a look at my favorite blog and I see to my astonishment a reportage from Toronto – wow – how nice! I maybe should have told everyone about it then. It was published in the Toronto Star – Entertainment page – on April 23, 2011 by Martin Knelman – titled – “Shooter of the stars gets fitting tribute”. It is a huge page 23 x12 inches and it also shows Marlene Dietrich, Groucho Marx, Cary Grant, Shirley Temple, Henry Fonda and Bela Lugosi… Read more »

Dear Tina, I included the link to the article, so you need not take the work to scan the article, those who are interested can also read it online. So good to read you here, dear Tina!

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thomas scalzo

I believe that was one in a series of photos that was taken by Dr. Erben when he visited Errol and Lili.

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There are similar ones by Erben, but this particular one is not from him. There must have been other journalists stading nearby (cf. article in link attached).

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